SHENZHEN ZHIMAI TECH LIMITED-No screen projection TV, LED household intelligent projector, mini projector


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              ZM Projectors

              Over 14 years, we have been dreaming and pursuing to make the world-class optoelectronics.

              Dreams from focus

              Dreams from focus

              We believe companies like configuration is similar to the computer. With full capacity, parallel mul...

              Dreams from demanding

              Dreams from demanding

              Quality is our proper pride. "Not perfect oath does not give up" spirit, dont let any qual...

              Dreams from the principle

              Dreams from the principle

              It is demanding to the quality, we won the world class customer recognition, are exported to Europe,...

              Forward with Dreams

              The R&D and production to make projectors with world influence

              Exporting Standard Steel For Mold

              High standard Molding For Projector Shells

              Positioning for Leading

              Innovat and Creative Design

              12 layers coating For Lens

              300% costs than others for a better lens

              Pro Photoelectric Design Team

              Independent Design,choose better combination of material and skill

              Strick to the quality

              Won the world-class customer recognition, sells in distant markets Europe and America, southeast Asia, the Middle East&n

              Focusing to interaction of man and projector

              Base on good quality, try to bring more great experience for Users

              Forward with Dreams
              The dynamic background
              The dynamic background


              make us to be great

              <i>01</i> More Choices

              01 More Choices

              We are suppling multimedia projector, portable intelligent projector, intelligent 3D projector, mini projector, and many other products, to meet the growing market demand.

              <i>02</i>Pro Quality Controlling

              02Pro Quality Controlling

              Quality is always our pride.

              "Never give up until reaching perfect" spirit,

              don't allowed any quality issues existed,

              which made us to find "better" in fine qualities.

              <i>03</i> Faith We Hold

              03 Faith We Hold

              We are willing to stand for the nation by

              make our projectors known over the world,

              To be the projector manufacturer whose

              R&D and production has the world influence

              which made us providing the first-class

              products for first-class brand

              <i>04</i> Perfect Image Expressing

              04 Perfect Image Expressing

              "The leading product positioning, good quality,

              perfect after-sales service" is our management

              direction.To achieve mutual benefit with customer,

              we make product with a perfect balance from quality

              constantly, functionality, aesthetic feeling and cost.



              Growth Tree for ZM

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